We have extensive experience providing consultancy and practical assistance to a wide variety of clients in myriad fields. Our tailor made courses, are designed & developed to suit your specific needs. Application  for awarding organisation approval, set up and run approval visit. Fully designed programme, with materials, train the trainer and optional standardisation and quality assurance. 

Key Benefits

  • Our team of highly motivated, competent developers, with financial expertise.
  • Service Level Agreement - full proposal, with achievable timescales and project timeline. Review dates to ensure client's objectives are being achieved.
  • R&D -  Extensive research of qualification, building a programme, linking to learning outcomes and creating resource materials.
  • Train the Trainer - Clear prescribed session plan, tutor resources, training pack, one day faciliation.
  • Quality Assurance – Comply with Code of Practice, Awarding Organisation Handbook, QA Manual optional run and document standardisation meetings.

We are here to help, get in touch.

Tel: 01634 931965


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