Money Matters 18+

This course has been developed for young clients aged 18+ who are interested in receiving education to help with managing their personal finances. At 18 we all become a Credit Score, on entering into adult-hood, we educate them on how to navigate the world of managing money effectively to stay out of debt. This programme covers a broad range of subject and is customised to meet the client’s individual needs.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding money management - the underlying causes of why and how spending habits are formed
  • Learn about – Financial Products, Credit Reporting and Credit Scoring
  • Financial Terminology - made simple
  • Developing skills to improve financial inclusion
  • How to reach that financial goal - Car, House, Banking services
  • Credit overview – who are the three credit reference agencies, what are their roles, how do they apply their scoring system, how is this data used from these agencies
  • Good Debt - what is it?
  • Create a comprehensive effective budget plan to reach financial targets

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