Money Matters 50+

  No matter what your age, financial empowerment is key to a happy and healthy life. The Money Matters program for those aged 50+ is pivotal in helping individuals both get ready for retirement and sustain a happy retirement, with a keen awareness of their financial situation. Sessions covers : budgeting for retirement, refreshing financial knowledge, Government financial changes and a wealth of money saving tips.

Key Benefits

  •  Pre - Retirement - My retirement plan
  •  Government - ‘Budget’ changes and what effects this has
  •  Entrepreneur - 50+ government initiative
  •  Financial Products/Services - Review/Comparison
  •  Online Dating - Trends/scams/safety
  •  Technology - Time to upgrade
  •  Credit/Debt - Refresh your knowledge
  •  Money - Making your money work harder
  •  Top tips -  did you know?

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