Money Matters Sports

This programme has been developed for both aspiring and established sports professionals.  The journey to becoming a professional athlete is a dream for many, but without financial capability and the skills to manage money effectively, all of your earnings can easily diminish in what can be a relatively short career.  We deliver our Money Matters Sports programme on Financial Capability, with a clear understanding of what is a complex industry, supporting education within EPPP.  Enabling a financially sustainable future.

Key Benefits

  • My Football Journey - Preparing for the ups and downs
  • UK Financial Services - Overview
  • Foreign Nationals - Finance in the UK
  • Products/services - What are they? How can I get them? How to choose? How effective are they?
  • Earnings - Money & wealth preservation
  • Insurances - Specialist Insurers
  • My Union - Who are they? What are they? What can they do for me?
  • Companies - Entrepreneur
  • Football Agents - Independant guidance
  • Credit & Debt - Good Debt vs Bad Debt
  • Perception and expectations - Work, family and the general public
  • Confidence and self-esteem - Exploring barriers, empowering responsibility and confidence
  • Retirement - Planning, living, enjoying

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