Summer School Year 6 To Year 7 Transition

Our summer school programme is aimed to empower young students with the skills, confidence and knowledge to help the smooth transition into year 7. We start by improving positive, healthy, money budgeting skills, creating positive habits and overcoming money barriers. Learn how to break down barriers and build self-esteem, communication skills and meeting new people. Develop organisational skills, and learn where to get help at secondary school and tips to help them settle in smoothly.


Key Benefits

  • Habits and confidence - how these are formed and building positive habits and self-esteem
  • How do I prepare for Secondary School - organisation skills
  • What will I need to budget for? Budgeting skills to manage your money at school and making your money stretch
  • Meeting new people - benefits of meeting new friends and exploring our comfort zones.
  • When we need help! – who can help you when needed...

We are here to help, get in touch.

Tel: 01634 931965


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