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Dom Education Group is a leading training provider designing, developing and delivering a suite of innovative learning programmes. Our services are available for School, Colleges, Sports, Communities, Charities and Consultancy. All our programmes are bespoke designed for each client to meet their agreed learning outcomes, each programme receives a comprehensive analysis and report. Our classroom based delivery is facilitated through accelerated learning, fun interactive activities, through a range of teaching methods encompassing all learning styles.

Welcome to Evolve

Evolves mission is to improve financial education, build resilience and reduce financial stress for employees so they are equipped to navigate their way through each financial life stage. Our innovative platform provides employees with tailored learning equipping them with confidence, skills, resources, to improve personal finances and reduce financial stress. Resulting in a more happier, healthier more productive workforce.

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Our approach in solving these problems is to look at individual life triggers of employees.

Due to the demographics of companies, there can be no one solution fits all. Our holistic approach explores behaviours, confidence and attitudes which all have a direct impact on our financial futures. It identifies the characteristics of each employees life stage through our diagnostic and analysis to ensure a truly bespoke service is deployed to ensure learner engagement and personalised learning. Ensuring all outcomes are met or exceeded.

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Established 9 years ago delivering Financial Capability Programmes.
Our experienced team are ready to help your employees on their financial journey.

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Matters is a course aimed at young people and delivered through schools, colleges, universities and community groups. Did you know that 84% of UK adults never received financial education at school? Money It prepares attendees for the financial decisions they will need to make as they progress through their studies, into work and beyond. We believe everyone should be fully prepared to make the most of their money and able to make the right choices to meet their future needs and wants.

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We are able to support companies from as few as 100 employees to national companies in multiple locations.

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Benefits To Employees
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