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A leading training provider delivering innovative learning programmes.

Dom Education Group is a leading training provider designing, developing and delivering a suite of innovative learning programmes. Our services are available for School, Colleges, Sports, Communities, Charities and Consultancy. All our programmes are bespoke designed for each client to meet their agreed learning outcomes, each programme receives a comprehensive analysis and report. Our classroom based delivery is facilitated through accelerated learning, fun interactive activities, through a range of teaching methods encompassing all learning styles.

Courses & Programmes

Money Matters

Matters is a course aimed at young people and delivered through schools, colleges, universities and community groups. Did you know that 84% of UK adults never received financial education at school? Money It prepares attendees for the financial decisions they will need to make as they progress through their studies, into work and beyond. We believe everyone should be fully prepared to make the most of their money and able to make the right choices to meet their future needs and wants.

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Whether it is your first job, you are returning to the workplace after a career break or redundancy or you simply want to try something new, our Employability – Routes to Work courses are designed to prepare you for all you might encounter. With help preparing a CV, interview practice and career mapping, we offer the tools to increase your confidence and turn you into an impressive candidate who stands out from the rest. We provide specific training aimed at students who are thinking about future careers and adults wishing to brush up their employment skills.

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Do you know what you want to do for your career? Do you understand the steps you need to take to get there? Our Careers Service provision is designed to help clients to choose, map and work towards their future careers with professional careers advice and guidance. Our advisors are fully qualified and experts in their field and Domeg is a Career Development Registered Professional company. We take the futures of young people seriously and work hard to ensure all attendees get the right advice based on their personal needs and abilities. We offer intensive sessions, workshops and one to one advice to both school students and adults via community groups.

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Work Experience

One of the most frustrating parts of applying for a new job is the requirement for experience, especially when you are starting a new career or it is your first job. Our Work Experience provision is an invaluable way to gain that important on the job experience and have demonstrable proof of the skills you have learned. Delivered as part of a school or college program, the process is carefully managed by us and all those taking part are supported within their placement. We work with local businesses to provide the very best placement options, no matter what your future career aspirations are. Students can take advantage of basic work experience or extended work experience provisions.

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Mock Interviews

A job interview is an opportunity to showcase your skills, but it is a chance that is often missed due to nerves or a lack of preparation. We offer a Mock Interview skills course designed to build confidence and improve interview skills. Provided to schools and community groups, this invaluable skills course ensures that the hard work put into getting an interview is not wasted. Attendees leave with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and vital feedback on how to improve and practice the skills they have learned. This course is delivered by professional business people with an in-depth understanding of what makes a good interview candidate.

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Resilience Training

Today’s world can be a scary place and when you enter the world of work, start running your own finances or choose your educational pathway, it can often feel overwhelming. Our Resilience training is all about facing life’s challenges and meeting them head on. Our professionals work with secondary and college students, and community members to improve resilience and ensure that despite difficulties, our attendees exude confidence and a positive spirit. Challenges will always come along; it is how you deal with them that counts.

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Unlocking Potential

Often, success is just about belief in your own abilities and the right positive attitude towards new experiences. Many people lack these skills and find that their low confidence can affect their future potential. Our “Up” Programme (Unlocking Potential) is designed to provide attendees with the tools to overcome the barriers than might stand in their way as they progress into the workplace. We focus on team building, building confidence and communication skills, all in a supportive and fun environment where people thrive. Each course is bespoke and designed around the needs of the students and all materials are age appropriate. Our “up” programme is aimed at schools students from age 7 and through to adults.

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The UK is a nation of entrepreneurs – self employed individuals with big ideas, who want to make a mark. If you see this as a pathway you’d like to pursue, our Enterprise Money matters course is ideal. We will teach you the skills you’ll need to effectively start and run your business, while staying entirely compliant with all financial expectations. We work with individuals, established businesses, communities and charities and offer the right skills to improve future success and ensure your business survives. Covering topics like marketing, forecasting and credit, our courses are a great place to start on that entrepreneurial path.

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Sort my Credit

Almost every financial step you take in life will hinge on your Credit Score. Sort my Credit teaches you how to understand Credit Scores and how to maintain a great one to reduce financial exclusion. For many this comes down to understanding how a credit score is calculated and taking a few simple steps to keep those numbers going in the right direction. Our experts will talk through budgets, affordability, your credit history and help you to understand how you got where you are and what you can do about it. We work with young adults, colleges, universities and offer a workplace service this essential courses to all age groups.

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