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Dom Education Group is a leading training provider designing, developing and delivering a suite of innovative learning programmes. Our services are available for School, Colleges, Sports, Communities, Charities and Consultancy. All our programmes are bespoke designed for each client to meet their agreed learning outcomes, each programme receives a comprehensive analysis and report. Our classroom based delivery is facilitated through accelerated learning, fun interactive activities, through a range of teaching methods encompassing all learning styles.

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Almost every financial step you take in life will hinge on your Credit Score. Sort my Credit teaches you how to understand Credit Scores and how to maintain a great one to reduce financial exclusion. For many this comes down to understanding how a credit score is calculated and taking a few simple steps to keep those numbers going in the right direction. Our experts will talk through budgets, affordability, your credit history and help you to understand how you got where you are and what you can do about it. We work with young adults, colleges, universities and offer a workplace service these essential courses to all age groups.

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