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Two sisters - One idea 

Dom Education Group is Diana and Debbie – two sisters with some big ideas. It was Debbie's son who first embedded the concept of financial education into their minds. As a professional football player he needed some good advice on his income – quickly.  It seems that school didn't teach this stuff. By taking control, Debbie was able to secure his future, but she would have preferred it if he understood it for himself. Domeg was born; beginning its life as an advisory service for young sports-people.

Debbie soon realised that her own experience as a qualified financial advisor, investment manager and mortgage broker would work perfectly with those of her sister Diana. Diana was a compelling training course developer with 8 years in the field and a number of high profile courses under her belt. Together they have built on Domeg's beginnings and developed courses to suit everyone from primary school aged children through to those entering retirement.

An ethos that is worth sharing

Debt doesn't happen in a vacuum. It is the result of poor choices, made by people who are simply lacking the right knowledge. Schools don't have the time or resources to teach financial knowledge and parents often don't know themselves. This is something that Domeg wants to remedy. Our courses are fun, interactive, pitched at the right age groups and suitable for all.

Our long term aim is for debt among the young to be unusual, for them to leave school knowing how they want to arrange their finances, to know how to obtain a mortgage and why money matters. We want older people to enter their retirement with a clear picture of their pension income and how they will survive and we want parents to have the right skills to pass on to their kids. It really is as simple as that.

When you turn 18 you become a credit score. A number on a database that will control every part of your future. Make sure that your score is the best it can be.

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