Two sisters on a mission

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Two Sisters On A Mission

Our mission

Wanting positive outcomes is at the center of everything we do as an organization, professionally and personally.

We are two sisters who had a clear vision of wanting to create better futures for people, empowering each and every person we engage with through essential life skills programmes that become life-affirming.

With the joint skills and expertise of Debbie’s 20 years in banking and nance as a highly qualified financial advisor alongside Diana’s prowess and know-how in developing compelling training courses, the decision to create something that would really make a dierence to people became very easy.

Today Domeg are never happy with standing still and are ever evolving, we are not just another training company but one that is constantly developing bespoke programmes that helps promote personal wellbeing, self esteem, resilience, condence and aspirations.

Together, the siblings have built on DOMEG’s beginnings and developed a range of highly innovative programmes to suit all ages. The founders are still directly involved in the business as Directors and ensure the best working environment and processes. The directors ensure the business operates within the company’s mission statement.

The organisation was born from an idea by two sisters aim to combine their expertise and make a real difference empowering UK communities with essential life skill programmes that will last a lifetime.

Debbie, a qualified financial advisor with over 20 years of banking & finance experience alongside Diana’s expertise as a developer of compelling training courses would dovetail perfectly. With a number of high-profile training courses under her belt, Diana would be the perfect individual to take DOMEG forwards and help it blossom.

An ethos that is worth sharing

Debt doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is the result of poor choices, made by people who are simply lacking the right knowledge. Education environments don’t have the time or resources to teach financial knowledge and parents often don’t know themselves. This is something that Domeg wants to remedy. Our courses are fun, interactive, pitched at the right age groups and suitable for all.

Our long term aim is for debt to be unusual, for young people leaving school knowing how they want to manage their finances, to know how to budget and why money matters. We want older people to enter their retirement with a clear picture of their pension income and how they will manage effectively and we want parents to have the right skills to pass on to their kids. It’s really that simple!

The FACT is…

When you turn 18 you become a credit score.

A number on a database that will have an impact on your future financial outlook. Make sure that you understand how to ensure your score is the best it can be.

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