Money Matters

Money Matters - it's what you know that counts

The foundation of financial knowledge – cover all the bases and learn everything you need to know about personal finances. Did you know 84% of adults stated they never received this training!

Money Matters

Our money matters programmes are all individually built around the needs of each client to support with financial capabilities. They are designed to cover all age groups and educational levels with each programme including customised outcome reporting.

We develop the programmes to prepare clients for each life trigger point, enabling them to have sound money skills, knowledge, confidence and to support positive financial decisions as they progress through their studies, in work and retirement.

We are passionate that everyone should be fully prepared to make the most of their money

Our money matters programmes support the education sector, SEN, NEET’s, university, individuals, employees, families and charities. We are passionate that everyone should be fully prepared to make the most of their money and able to make the right choices to meet future needs in life.


Our determination is shown in how much deeper we go with helping individuals with their financial wellbeing helping them take important steps that will enable them to financially secure their futures. 

Giving them the tools so they can negotiate a better relationship with money whilst working with them to reach their personal goals of getting back into employment, searching for first job or looking for a career change.

Young People

Making a difference for young people today is what the Money Matters programme delivers through schools, colleges and universities, based around the knowledge that 84% of UK adults never received financial education at school.

Our training courses are designed to instil and prepare young people with financial knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives. Helping them to make the right financial choices on their journey from school to university or to the workplace.

Resulting outcomes have shown that young people have a better understanding of credit, credit scores and APR’s, of building positive money habits and budgeting their money more effectively

A leading training provider delivering innovative learning programmes

Dom Education Group is a leading training provider designing, developing and delivering a suite of innovative learning programmes. Our services are available for School, Colleges, Sports, Communities, Charities and Consultancy. All our programmes are bespoke designed for each client to meet their agreed learning outcomes, each programme receives a comprehensive analysis and report. Our classroom based delivery is facilitated through accelerated learning, fun interactive activities, through a range of teaching methods encompassing all learning styles.

The FACT is…

When you turn 18 you become a credit score.

A number on a database that will have an impact on your future financial outlook. Make sure that you understand how to ensure your score is the best it can be.

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